Zero-liter urinal
Each urinal can save up to 100,000 liters annually
Reduce your Co2 footprint by 17.5 kgs per year
Touchless technology
Safeguard your patrons with technology that prevents the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.
Our Microbiological Odour trap kills odour causing bacteria and neutralizes uric acid. the result, if untreated is what rots pipes with traditional flush urinals.




21 kg or 46.3 lbs

Special Feature

The non-porous glaze of the URIMAT ceramic
bowl ensures that no residues are left

Dimensions (in mm)

W. 385 x H. 700 x D. 360 mm

MB-Active Trap

Sophisticated technology for the most basic of needs.
The URIMAT MB-ActiveTrap collects the urine and channels it into the waste pipe without flushing, while at the same time sealing in any odours. Fluids are channeled via a vertical membrane straight into the sewage system. Above the membrane there is a microbiological cleaning block which prevents build-up of deposits both inside the odour seal unit and in the waste pipe. As soon as fluids stop flowing through the membrane, it automatically forms an air-tight seal.
After the MB-ActiveCube has dissolved, the red surface beneath the transparent cover signals that the
odour trap has to be replaced.

MB-Active Trap Exchange

Learn how to exchange the MB-active Trap. Watch the video below for more.
Zero Liter Urinals Cleaning Instructions
Your URIMAT Zero Liter Urinal is clean in just a few easy steps. Watch the video below to learn more about cleaning your's.

Learn How To Install