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Ultra-violet Protection from virus and bacteria 

The Agion

Using embedded Silver filaments to destroy harmful water-borne bacteria. 

Help fight against COVID-19 with our sanitizers and personal protective equipment

Welcome To Swiss Eco Media

Swiss Eco Media Inc. endeavors to bring to all Facilities, global-leading innovation in Commercial, Industrial and Retail restroom care.  Creating an elegant restroom experience is our hallmark while adopting Mother Nature as our muse for product innovation.  In our custodial role, we strive to answer the Call of Nature and protect her environment.  We will demonstrate that going green can generate "the green".
Zero-liter urinal
Each urinal can save up to 100,000 liters annually
Reduce your Co2 footprint by 17.5 kgs per year
Touchless technology
Safeguard your patrons with technology that prevents the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.
Our Microbiological Odour trap kills odour causing bacteria and neutralizes uric acid. the result, if untreated is what rots pipes with traditional flush urinals.
Using hospital-grade far UV-c protection, to attack and destroy microbes like bacteria and viruses. Ensures no pathogens linger on the unit after use.
Less then 68 dB, the quietest in the market
Removable water drip tray avoids mildew build up
Waterproof circuit board
Reduce your carbon footprint
Take a stand with this contactless technology, end the transmission of harmful microbes. No need to pick up germ-laden paper towels. Stop the spread of contagion, Kill viruses to provide a safe restroom.
Save over $3,317 yearly in paper towels
Using embedded silver filaments to destroy potentially harmful water-borne bacteria. Silver is scientifically recognized as having effective anti-microbial and anti-bacterial usages. The patented Agion Safeguard technology makes this the most environmentally and safe faucet in the world!
Water-efficient with up to .5GPM - 1GPM saving and 70% water savings over traditional faucets.
Built in motion sensors to avoid germ-laden handles.
For added Energy savings,  cold water only is an option with the .175 gpm Swiss Eco Jet faucet controller.  The water is atomized and mixed with the ambient air for a tepid feel, thus saving energy.
Spray pattern will ensure you get the optimum clean while washing your hands.


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